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Mothers Apart From Their Children

MATCH is a charity that offers non-judgemental support and information to mothers apart from their children in a wide variety of circumstances. Our members include those who are sharing parenting and those who have little or no contact. We believe that children have a basic human right to continue to be part of a loving, nurturing family network for life, no matter how many times that family re-makes itself, no matter where their mothers live.

Are you a mother apart because you have been through

Matchmothers exists to help you if you are a mother apart from your child for whatever reason. Download our leaflet to read more...


 for Help Support and Advice  0800 689 4104 - FREE CONFIDENTIAL SUPPORT FOR MOTHERS APART  9am -1pm and 7pm -9.30pm 

Helpline 0808 800 2222 - kindly provided by Family Lives 7am - 12 midnight - 365 days a year 

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Want to know more about McKenzie Friends? 

A McKenzie friend assists a litigant in person in a court of law in England and Wales.
Below we have a some information and a link to a website with information to help you on your journey.


They assist with:


NEW - Assistance at Tribunals, Negotiations on any Civil matter to include Employment, Property, Small Claims, Debt etc.

Are you seeking advice AND STARTING / DEFENDING about Divorce, Child Custody, Financials, Parental Responsibility, Child Arrangement Orders or Non-Molestation Orders, but cannot afford the fees charged by solicitors?

Is the thought of the high Solicitor Legal costs stopping you from starting or defending Family Law Proceedings / Divorce?

You can’t get Legal Aid and you can’t afford Solicitors’ Fees?

Divorce Forms and Court Proceedings scare you and you are at a loss of where to turn?

There is now an answer - the use of a ‘McKenzie Friend’.

For more information view

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Hello Mums

I’m Ros and I have been with Match since 2000. They have pulled me through some tough times and I am now in contact with my 3 children. I have a degree in psychology and have worked with children for 16 years. Matchmothers always works for our Match mum members.

Hi I'm Natasha proud member of the MATCH MOTHERS COMMITTEE I came a cross Match a few years ago through an Internet search I thought I was totally alone in my sadness MATCH has put me in touch with other mums in similar situations. Suddenly I didn't feel alone and realised I can actually make a difference not only in my own life but other Like we all know life without our children is a nightmare it's an ongoing nightmare. By joining together and supporting each other it makes this torturous journey just a bit more bearable I'm just a very ordinary person with a very ordinary Job. Like all of us I have my good days bad days and terrible days. But now I know I just have to log onto Facebook and suddenly I'm in touch with so many women going through exactly what I'm going through. Match is very much evolving and developing but luckily we have a few very committed talented women are putting this charity together. We all work voluntarily some more than others I hasten to add! Some of us work on the front line but some some committee members work behind-the-scenes behind the scenes working just as hard too Join us, support us and let's support each other !

Hi I’m Chris and I am the Chair of Matchmothers. I have been Chair since September 2016 and have been a committee member since June 2015. I became a match member in 2013 after becoming alienated from my eldest daughter when she was 14. Match has given me the strength to carry on and fight when I felt I had no more fight left. To know there are others who understand exactly how it feels to be apart from your child/ren can be the biggest comfort at times of great distress. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Match.

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Our stories

Sharing stories can be daunting but it is also necessary to raise MATCH's profile. We have various methods to enable you to do this in a safe and private way. Stories can be shared privately or publically or both. If you become a member, you can share your story on our website, in our newsletter, via our forum or through occasional media articles. Identities need not be disclosed and photographs are optional. You can also post a message to your child. If you would like to share your story you will need to join MATCH. You will also be able to leave a public message for your child.

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