Mothers Apart From Their Children

Hello Mums

I’m Ros and I have been with Match since 2000. They have pulled me through some tough times and I am now in contact with my 3 children. I have a degree in psychology and have worked with children for 16 years. Matchmothers always works for our Match mum members.

Hi I'm Natasha proud member of the MATCH MOTHERS COMMITTEE I came a cross Match a few years ago through an Internet search I thought I was totally alone in my sadness MATCH has put me in touch with other mums in similar situations. Suddenly I didn't feel alone and realised I can actually make a difference not only in my own life but other Like we all know life without our children is a nightmare it's an ongoing nightmare. By joining together and supporting each other it makes this torturous journey just a bit more bearable I'm just a very ordinary person with a very ordinary Job. Like all of us I have my good days bad days and terrible days. But now I know I just have to log onto Facebook and suddenly I'm in touch with so many women going through exactly what I'm going through. Match is very much evolving and developing but luckily we have a few very committed talented women are putting this charity together. We all work voluntarily some more than others I hasten to add! Some of us work on the front line but some some committee members work behind-the-scenes behind the scenes working just as hard too Join us, support us and let's support each other !

Hi I’m Chris and I am the Chair of Matchmothers. I have been Chair since September 2016 and have been a committee member since June 2015. I became a match member in 2013 after becoming alienated from my eldest daughter when she was 14. Match has given me the strength to carry on and fight when I felt I had no more fight left. To know there are others who understand exactly how it feels to be apart from your child/ren can be the biggest comfort at times of great distress. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Match.